Ultra-Efficient Audio Amplifier

MA12040 is powered by Merus Audio’s Ultra-Efficient eximo® switching amplifier technology. Operating from a fixed power supply voltage it drastically reduces power losses at normal audio listening levels. MA12040 also eliminates the need for an LC output filter in most applications. These unique benefits create an unmatched solution compactness and enable the ultimate freedom in application design.
Ultra-Efficient Audio Amplifier
• eximo® Multi-level Switching Technology
• Digital Power Management Algorithm
• High-Order Feedback Error Control
• 4-18V power supply voltage
• Analog audio input
• Max Peak Output Power @ 10% THD+N
  - 2×40W, BTL, RL = 4Ω
  - 1×80W, PBTL, RL = 2Ω
• Power Efficiency
  - >90% Efficiency at Full Power (1kHz sine)
  - >75% Efficiency at 1W (1kHz sine)
  - <100mW Idle Power Dissipation (From PVDD @ 18V, all channels switching)
• <0.003% THD+N at high output levels, 1kHz, 4Ω
• <55μV output integrated noise level (A-w)
• Selectable Gain (20dB, 26dB)
• Protection
  - Undervoltage-lockout
  - Overtemperature warning/error
  - Short-circuit/overload protection
• I2C control
• Heatsink free operation

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