IoT sensors

ROHM offers a broad portfolio of sensors, Hall ICs, Ambient Light Sensor ICs, Optical Proximity Sensor ICs, Temperature Sensor ICs, Amplifier for Human Body Detector, Capacitive, Switch Control ICs, Touch Screen Contol ICs, MEMS Sensors, Optical Sensors (Module Sensors)
IoT sensors
Hall ICs (18)
For applications requiring open/close or slide detection (i.e. in mobile phones), ROHM offers magnetic switch Hall ICs and Hall ICs for wheel keys and trackballs.

Ambient Light Sensor ICs (7)
ROHM ambient light sensors feature optical characteristics close to the human eye, enabling automatic backlight adjustment in displays for lower power consumption and optimum visibility.

Color Sensor ICs (1)
Rohm's Color Sensor ICs sense Red, Green and Blue light (RGB) and converts them to digital values. The high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and excellent Ircut characteristics makes this IC the most suitable to obtain the illuminance and color temperature of ambient light for adjusting LCD backlight of TV, mobile phone and tablet PC.

Pressure Sensor ICs (2)
ROHM's piezoresistive pressure sensor makes it easy to obtain high accuracy pressure information by performing temperature correction based on proprietary algorithms via an internal IC. Detects differences in height (altitude) through pressure changes in wearable devices, activity monitors, and advanced detection for indoor navigation in smartphones and tablets.

Optical Sensor For Heart Rate Monitor (2)
ROHM's Optical Sensor for Heart Rate Monitor incorporates an LED driver and a green light detection photo-diode. It drives LED and provides the intensity of light reflected from body. LED brightness can be adjusted by LED driver current and light emitting period. The photodiode having the high sensitivity for green light, excellent wavelength selectivity and excellent lrcut characteristics achieves accurate pulse wave detection.

Temperature Sensor ICs (7)
ROHM temperature sensor ICs integrate a temperature detection function on a single chip, reducing costs for customers.

Amplifier For Human Body Detector (1)
ROHM proximity sensors can be used with pyroelectric infrared sensors in human body sensing applications.

Capacitive Switch Control ICs (6)
ROHM electrostatic sensor control ICs integrate sensor data processing and application functions, reducing host CPU load.

Touch Screen Control ICs (10)
The touch screen controller detect the input of the touch sensor arranged on the LCD screen. These touch sensors easily makes a complex input operation intuitive. ROHM's touch screen controller was developed for two kinds of sensors of 4wire resistive touch sensor and capacitive touch sensor. These products can correspond to the demand of various markets.

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