USB Type-C Audio Codec

USB Type-C Audio Codec
General Description

The Synaptics® AudioSmart™ CX31988 is a USB Type-C™ standard high-speed, low-power audio codec for USB Type-C headset applications without requiring external XTAL. With on-chip ADC and DAC, microphone preamplifiers and a capless headphone amplifier, the CX31988 is a true single-chip solution for applications that demand high audio quality and lower power consumption.

The key features of the CX31988 include:
  • High performance playback
    • 384 kHz, 32-bit
    • 120 dB dynamic range
    • 130 dB SNR
    • 100 dB THD+N
  • Mono high-performance audio ADC
    • 96 kHz, 24-bit
    • 115 dB dynamic range
    • -90 dB THD+N
Microphone performance is enhanced through programmable preamplifiers paired with a dedicated bias supply to eliminate crosstalk.

A ground-referenced output removes the need for capacitors on the headphone output, ensuring consistent performance with a wide variety of transducers.

An integrated DC-DC converter supports internal dynamic voltage scaling, and frequency scaling mechanisms to reduce power consumption. The converter can also provide power for all peripheral devices connected to the board.

*Synaptics Authorized Distrbutor
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