Linear Regulators
ROHM offers a wide lineup of general-purpose 3-pin regulators featuring low power consumption, high current capability, and high voltage resistance, making them ideal for mobile phones, automotive systems, consumer electronics, and commercial/industrial equipment.
Single-Output LDO Regulators - Example
1A Variable Output LDO Regulators - BA00CC0WT-V5 (New)

BA00CC0WT-V5 is low-saturation regulators available for outputs up to 1A. The output voltage can be arbitrarily configured using the external resistance. This LDO regulator is offered in a broad packaging lineup. It has a built-in over-current protection circuit that prevents the destruction of the IC due to output short circuits and a thermal shutdown circuit that protects the IC from thermal damage due to overloading.

Multi-Output LDO Regulators - Example
Dual-Output (Fixed / Variable) LDO Regulators - BA30E00WHFP

ROHM's secondary LDO regulators were designed to maximize device characteristics and provide stable operation through low power consumption, increased miniaturization, and low noise. ROHM's dual output fixed/variable secondary LDO regulators for local power supplies feature two outputs (3.3V fixed/0.8V-3.3V variable) and an output voltage accuracy of ±2% along with low saturation, reducing the number of parts required as well as the mounting area. In addition, multiple protection circuits are integrated (i.e. overcurrent, thermal shutdown), providing a high level of reliability.

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