Event-based Image Sensor

Prophesee third generation Metavision® sensor is the first industry-standard packaged chip that leverages Event-Based Vision technology. This new packaged version of Prophesee’s Metavision® sensor enables next-generation vision in industrial automation and IoT systems such as robots, inspection equipment, monitoring and surveillance devices. 
Event-based Image Sensor
It leverages Prophesee’s use of neuromorphic vision technology to offer highly efficient machine vision capabilities for a variety of use models, including ultra high-speed part counting, vibration measurement and monitoring or kinematic
monitoring for predictive maintenance. It allows for unprecedented speed, dynamic range, data volume, and power efficiency.

Technology Overview:
In Prophesee Metavision® sensors, each pixel is independent and asynchronous. Each pixel only activates itself if it senses a change in the scene, a movement - an event. This proprietary Event-Based approach allows for major reductions of power, latency and data processing requirements imposed by traditional frame-based systems. It enables sensors to achieve much higher dynamic ranges than commonly associated with highspeed vision. And it allows cost-efficient sensors and systems to record events that would otherwise require conventional cameras to run at 10,000 images/second and more.

The sensor can be used by system developers to improve and in some cases create whole new industrial uses, including accelerating quality assessment on production lines; positioning, sensing and movement guidance for robots to enable better human collaboration; and equipment monitoring (e.g. caused by vibration, kinetic deviations) making the system an asset for predictive maintenance and reduced machine downtime.

Robust Toolkit Support:

The sensor is supported by a robust development environment for evalutions. It includes a comprehensive software development kit (SDK), a full set of drivers, the Prophesee Player tool for recording sequences and visualizing data and access to the Prophesee Online Portal, a detailed knowledge center containing useful resources for developers.

- 640×480 VGA Event-Based sensor
- Package: 13×15 mm mini PBGA
- >120dB Dynamic Range
- <1mHz Typical Background Activity
- 66MepsMax. Bandwidth

*Prophesee Authorized Distributor 
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