Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Audio Codec IC

High-Resolution Support, Hybrid Noise-Canceling Function
Audio Codec IC
The trend toward wireless headphones has increased the demand for integration of high-resolution signal processing and noise-canceling functionality to the audio signal processing inside headphones. In response to this need, Sony Semiconductor Solutions has developed the audio codec IC, combining excellent noise-canceling alongside support for high-resolution signal processing.

Sony’s ANC technology is based on digital, it is high-quality, high-performance, and low power. It offers flexibility ANC design and powerful suppression of ambient noise easily.

sony audio codec

  • High-quality audio
  • Smallest compact housing
  • Total system integration
  • Easy design noise canceling
  • Long battery life

  • Fully digital noise canceling
  • Peak noise cancellation 40dB
  • Noise cancellation range 20Hz to 1kHz
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise

*Sony Semiconductor Authorized Distributor
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