Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

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Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

The rise of smart factories and new retail stores boost the applications of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). Through back-end management, the label information can be updated promptly, which greatly reduces labor costs, error rates of manually changed labels, and the use of consumables. Besides, with the popularity of NFC, the retail industry will be able to use NFC to streamline transaction procedures and provide customized shopping experiences by collecting consumer information. Other applications include fields of the warehouse management system, exhibition venue labels, hospital electronic bedside cards, light display of drug dispensing counter, electronic baggage tags, etc. In the future, we will see that ESLs will greatly improve human's work efficiency and bring huge changes to the traditional human lifestyle.

Due to the two major advantages of high accuracy and greatly reduced labor costs, the market of ESLs will gradually grow. According to Mordor Intelligence's forecast, the market is estimated to grow significantly from USD 581 million in 2019 to USD 1.82 billion in 2025, about 21% of CAGR.

EDOM TECH ESL Solution provides developers one-stop professional consulting services and technical supports. The solution includes integrated development modules and a wide variety of peripherals such as MCUs, connectivity components, power, memory, MPUs, etc. The solution features industry-leading brands and advanced FAE supports, which helps you develop and innovate the ESLs at ease. 

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ESL Block Diagram
  • PMU - LD39130S

    PMU - LD39130S

    LD39130S is a high accuracy voltage regulator that provides 300 mA maximum current from an input voltage ranging from 1.4 V to 5.5 V, with a typical dropout voltage of 300 mV. It is available in DFN6 1.2 x 1.3 mm package and in ultra-small CSP 4 bumps package, allowing the maximum space-saving. Learn More >>

  • NFC - ST25DV

    NFC - ST25DV

    ST25DV is a 4-Kbit Dynamic NFC/RFID tag NFC Forum type V with I2C interface, fast transfer mode, and energy harvesting. Learn More >>

  • MCU + BLE - EFR32BG22

    MCU + BLE - EFR32BG22

    EFR32BG22 meets the unique requirements of high-volume, battery-powered Bluetooth products. Featuring an ultra-low transmit and receive power (3.6 mA TX at 0 dBm, 2.6 mA RX), and a high-performance, low-power M33 core (27 µA/MHz active, 1.2 µA sleep). Learn More >>

  • MCU + Sub-GHz - EFR32FG12

    MCU + Sub-GHz - EFR32FG12

    EFR32FG12 combines an energy-friendly microcontroller with a highly integrated radio transceiver supporting Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz proprietary wireless protocols and proprietary modulation schemes, and features industry-leading energy efficiency, ultra-fast wakeup times, a scalable power amplifier, an integrated 2.4 GHz balun and extensive MCU. Learn More >>

  • Ultra Low Power Bluetooth 5.1 SoC

    Ultra Low Power Bluetooth 5.1 SoC

    DA14531 is an ultra-low-power SoC integrating a 2.4 GHz transceiver and an Arm Cortex M0+ microcontroller with a RAM of 48 kB, and a One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory of 32 kB. Learn More >>

  • Multi-core BLE 5.1 SoC Family with System PMU

    Multi-core BLE 5.1 SoC Family with System PMU

    DA1469x is a multi-core wireless microcontrollers, featuring the latest Arm Cortex-M33 application processor with floating-point unit, advanced power management functionality, a cryptographic security engine, etc. Learn More >>

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