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Smart Gateway platform
Our smart gateway is a physical device and platform that serves as the connection point between the cloud and controllers, sensors and intelligent devices. The platform we use host processor and wireless connection included the WiFi/BT module and Zigbee for IOT device connection . Besides we could have voice comend to triggle the IoT information readin and report .Which have adapted with EA solution ,which could have far field voice pick up and direction recognized . In display function we have the RGB LED for the status and error indication for easily understanding the platform processing status.Another important device and function is the security authentication ,Which could secure the connection information and log in identificatiion.We have applied the NFC and fingerprint to identify the transfer data.
Smart Gateway Block Diagram
  1. Multi-protocol support for Thread, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Ethernet             
  2. Supports large node networks (>= 250 nodes) 
  3. Commissioning through NFC and Smart App Wi-Fi and Ethernet northbound to the cloud , Over-the-air programming via Multicast , Smartphone app support 
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    Power Management Integrated Circuits

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    AudioSmart® Far-Field Voice DSPs

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