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The predecessor of Ancora Semiconductors was incubated for many years under the R&D center of Delta Electronics, the world's largest power supply company. With profound technology and talents as the foundation, Ancora Semiconductors upgraded and transformed to establish a joint venture subsidiary in 2022, and the technology was industrialized and commercialized through entrepreneurship.

The core team of Ancora Semiconductors possesses more than 15 years of professional experience in power semiconductors, and has formidable innovation capabilities in the field of power electronic applications, accumulating more than 200 high-value patents in the world to date. Taking a steady approach, we deliver products with the highest quality standards, and unceasingly uses innovative technologies to disrupt existing frameworks, integrate industrial chain resources and partners, and develop industry-leading products.

Ancora Semiconductors focuses on bringing more advanced, more efficient/better performing energy semiconductor applications to reality, providing clients with next-generation GaN technologies and solutions to help clients stay ahead of the curve and transform the world of power electronics.
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