ArkX Laboratories

ArkX Laboratories

  • San Jose, USA

ArkX Laboratories delivers an unmatched voice experience to the consumer and industrial electronics marketplace. Our EveryWord™ portfolio of ultra far-field voice capture and control solutions, featuring Cirrus Logic, NXP AP, and Sensory technologies, enable superior human-to-human and human-to-machine voice and speech recognition.

EveryWord™ ultra far-field voice capture and control DSP solutions offer an unmatched voice experience for H2H and H2M interfaces.  Utilizing 3-D reverberation technology, our solutions capture voice commands from 3X the distance (up to 9+ meters) versus traditional beam forming technology.  Our solutions work reliably around corners and in noisy and reverberative environments –all without having to lower the playback volume from other loud or competing single-point noise sources.

Our 3-D reverberation technology provides maximum design flexibility for the industrial designer to achieve his goals.  The technology works well regardless of fixed and mobile obstructions in the audio path.  Complex living spaces, work environments, and competing talkers are no problem.  Our solution utilizes 12 AECs (Acoustic Echo Cancellers) which provide superior barge-in performance versus the competitors’ standard 1-2 AEC solutions.  EveryWord™ products support ultra-low power operation, ideal for battery-powered applications. EveryWord™ solutions are simultaneously compatible with the leading WWE (Wake Word Engines) and voice services, including Amazon, Google, Siri, Cortana, AliGenie, Baidu/Kitt.aias, and other proprietary solutions.

Our advanced voice solutions are production-ready and pre-qualified by Amazon Voice Service, providing Fortune 500, OEMs and start-ups the ability to reduce their development time and costs, mitigate risk and accelerate time-to-market for voice-enabled IoT products and smart devices.

EDOM Technology is an authorized distributor of ArkX Laboratories. With a wide selection of products from ArkX Laboratories and the dedicated technical support team, EDOM Technology provides the best-in-class service and state-of-the-art technology. EDOM Tech is your best solutions partner.

*ArkX Laboratories Authorized Distributor 
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