ScaleFlux Announces Next Generation Portfolio, Bringing Highly Efficient Computational Storage to the Masses

New Suite of Products Including CSD 3000 Expands Market Accessibility,
to Be Showcased at Upcoming OCP Summit.

ScaleFlux, Inc., the leader in deploying Computational Storage at scale, today announced a new suite of products based on its new chip, ScaleFlux SFX 3000 storage processing units. This also includes Computational Storage optimized software (“CSware”) to make it easier for customers to adopt Computational Storage across a wider range of use cases. ScaleFlux will showcase the new suite of products at OCP Summit, taking place Nov. 9-10 in San Jose, Calif. at booth #C31.

“Organizations are challenged by the deluge of data that needs to be stored, transferred, and processed to support the data-centric economy. Computational Storage is the solution, helping alleviate compute and memory bottlenecks, reducing data movement, and improving the ROI of data center and IT infrastructure,” said Hao Zhong, Co-founder and CEO of ScaleFlux. “With this new suite of products, we are making it easier than ever for organizations to adopt and realize the benefit of Computational Storage at scale.”

With ScaleFlux’s next generation suite of products, users can deploy Computational Storage more easily while addressing a variety of issues, such as data storage costs and density, compute efficiency (performance per server, per watt), latency inconsistency, SSD endurance, and data movement. Furthermore, ScaleFlux now provides CSware: a mix of turnkey and example code to broaden adoption and deepen Computational Storage functions’ value and ease-of-use. This streamlines the process for customers to adopt Computational Storage Drives across additional market segments, such as traditional NVMe SSDs, Computational Storage Processor (CSP) cards, and SoC solution.

ScaleFlux’s new product suite, based on Arm® technology, is comprised of four innovative offerings, including:
  • SFX 3000 series SoC of storage processing units: Allows both drive and hardware vendors to develop their own SSDs and accelerator cards. For drive vendors, ScaleFlux’s inclusion of turnkey firmware will shorten the drive development cycle and reduce the development costs. Learn more.
  • CSD 3000 series NVMe Computational Storage Drives: The next generation of ScaleFlux’s flagship CSD 2000, it enables users to slash data storage costs by 3x while doubling application performance and increasing Flash endurance as much as 9x compared to ordinary drives. Additionally, users can deploy application-specific, distributed compute functions via the Arm cores. Learn more.
  • NSD 3000 series NVMe SSDs: Provides users with a smarter NVMe SSD, achieving 2x endurance and 2x performance on random write and mixed read/writes over other NVMe drives. Learn more.
  • CSP 3000 series: Brings the compression, encryption, and programmable functions to users looking to leverage Computational Storage, but not wanting to deploy CSDs. Learn more.
“Computational storage generates insight where the data is stored, providing businesses with quick and easy access to vital information – it’s a key market for Arm, which is why we have a dedicated team focused on this area,” said Mohamed Awad, Vice President of IoT and Embedded at Arm. “Based on proven Arm technology, ScaleFlux’s new product suite will open up opportunities for software and system developers to deploy computational storage across a range of new applications from machine learning to edge computing, creating even more value to businesses.”
“In some application scenarios, with the CSD 2000, we are able to reduce storage costs with TLC and to expand the applications for QLC,” said a technical leader of Tencent Cloud. “We are excited to see how CSD 3000 and other new capabilities will further amplify these benefits.”
Sign-ups for ScaleFlux’s new suite of products are open today and production units will be generally available in Spring 2022. For details, visit ScaleFlux’s site to learn more.

Source: ScaleFlux Website
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