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Ultra-Low Current Consumption Expanded Lineup of LDO Regulators With Green Operation Function XC6241 Series

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo Japan: President, Koji Shibamiya, 6616: 1st section at Tokyo Stock Exchange) has launched the XC6241 as a new serie of LDO regulator featuring ultra-low current consumption, suitable for IoT devices and wearable devices.

The XC6241 series is a CMOS process high-speed LDO regulator IC that achieves low current consumption, high accuracy, and high ripple rejection, available in small and thin packages. The output voltage is fixed internally and can be set in the range of 1.2V to 5.0V (0.05V step). It has a Green Operation (GO) function that achieves both a high-speed operation and a low current consumption, and switches automatically between a high speed (HS) mode and a power save (PS) mode depending on the output current.

At light loads, high efficiency is realized by operating in PS mode with low current consumption, and at heavy loads, high speed operation is enabled by operating in HS mode. This is ideal for applications that require both low current consumption and high speed operation.

The lineup of small and thin USPQ-4B05 and general-purpose SSOT-24 are available for various applications. Low ESR capacitors such as ceramic capacitors can be used at the output of LDO.
USPQ-4B05 Package (1.0x1.0xh0.33mm)USPQ-4B05 Package (1.0x1.0xh0.33mm)
SSOT-24 packege(2.0x2.1xh1.1mm)SSOT-24 packege(2.0x2.1xh1.1mm)
Source: Torex Website
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