Artilux presenting CMOS SWIR technology for brighter tomorrow at COMPUTEX 2022

World’s first multi-spectrum all-in-one bio-sensor and dual-band 3D camera for digital health, food inspection, FinTech, Metaverse and more

Artilux, the renowned leader in CMOS SWIR optical sensing technology and GeSi (Germanium Silicon) technology, showcased in COMPUTEX 2022 a full range of products at Booth #N0605a of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 from May 24th to 27th. With diverse scenario demonstrations, Artilux gave visitors a glimpse into the vast opportunities in using CMOS SWIR technology to seamlessly integrate optical communication, sensing, and imaging into product solutions to transform users’ day-to-day interactions with people and machines. As a highlight, Artilux launched two new products, including a multi-spectrum all-in-one bio-sensor for TWS earbuds and other wearables to enable digital health, and a dual-band 3D camera with optimal depth-sensing capability in NIR and SWIR spectra that is poised to enhance user experience in FinTech security, smart agriculture and food inspection, metaverse, and many more applications.

At COMPUTEX 2022, Artilux demonstrated full product series with the key theme ”F.A.C.E. the Brighter Tomorrow”, including ”Foresee” for automotive LiDAR, ”Aware” for wide-spectrum sensing, ”Connect” for optical communication, and ”Explore” for wide-spectrum imaging. With its longstanding track record and high-quality patent portfolio, Artilux’s relentless focus in CMOS SWIR and GeSi technology is leading the industry into a new era of intelligent information collection, information processing, content creation, and human-machine interactions.

Erik Chen, CEO of Artilux, highlighted, “For Artilux, our Computex 2022 demonstration symbolizes a significant milestone of our team's hard work over years of interdisciplinary innovations in products and technologies, transforming frontier breakthrough into novel daily experiences. Our presence here is more than showcasing product application concepts made possible by CMOS SWIR technology, but also allowing our partners to visualize and imagine new groundbreaking products and services that will integrate Artilux's core technology platform to enrich people’s daily lives.”

Find out more about Artilux Product Series:
  • Artilux Aware Series is a multi-spectrum all-in-one bio-sensor based on SWIR spectrum for precise biosentric signal algorithm and in-ear detection, fully strengthening the user experience in health monitoring with TWS earbuds and wearables.
  • Artilux Connect Series is the world's first all optical HDMI 2.1-compatible IC solution, delivering high-resoution and long-distance data transfer with low power consumption, breaking the stereostype that fiber cables are cost prohibitive.
  • Artilux Explore Series is the global first 3D camera covering spectrum from visible to SWIR, taking 2D and 3D image in a single shot. With such RGB-SWIR fusion capability, it aims to meet diversified scenarios including industrial, logistics automation, robotic vision and the up and coming metaverse ecosystem.
  • Artilux Foresee Series is the most cost-effective SWIR LiDAR solution with our automotive partners to achieve affordable safety in assistive and autonomous driving.

Source: Artilux Website
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