June Newsletter: Achieving Ideal Haptic Feedback in Consumer Electronics

Haptic trackpad went mainstream at CES 2022. Through precise integration of several new technologies, haptic trackpads offer a new way to interact with laptops. The delicate sensation of touch is captured and processed with great accuracy to provide a tactile experience with the trackpad. 

Piezo haptic trackpads are the pinnacle of currently available haptic technology. The size of the complete trackpad solution is less than 3 mm. It offers all the functionality without any additional components like solenoids. No additional mechanism is required to provide haptic feedback. 

Besides, with piezo haptic trackpads, the problem of a dead zone in the trackpad can be eradicated without sacrificing space or weight. It promotes uniform force-sensing throughout the trackpad by having a single layer of a sensing material that precisely picks up users’ input.

We use haptic technology every day even if we are not aware of it. Vibration is used on many modern touchscreen smartphones. Since smartphone displays are just flat planes of glass, the phone’s vibration is used to replace the tactile sense of buttons, which is achieved by the exact same technology. When piezo haptic trackpads are introduced, mechanical touchpads will soon be a thing of the past for Windows laptops... (Read Article)

Trackpads Solution Diagram

122EDOM Technology’s Trackpads Solution provides a wide variety of peripherals such as MCUs, piezo haptic drivers, DC/DC converters, etc. The solution features industry-leading brands and advanced FAE supports, helping you develop and innovate Trackpads with ease. 

Product News
Boréas Technologies - Four-Channel Haptic Driver
As the demand for digital entertainment grows – particularly smartphone games, Boréas releases the BOS0614, which gives mobile gamers a competitive edge with its ultra-low latency. The technology also blends customizable haptics and force sensing, which translates into more immersive experiences. (Learn More)
Melexis - Smart LIN Motor Pre-driver
MLX81346 is a single chip LIN pre-driver for high power up to 2000 W. The MLX81346 enables motor control miniaturization and efficient silent drive with field-oriented control (FOC). It addresses automotive mechatronic applications - including oil pumps, engine cooling fans, and BLDC positioning actuators. The device is also used in robotic systems and e-bikes. (Learn More)

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