Emerging Bluetooth Applications to Watch


With millions of smart devices deployed in private and commercial settings, Bluetooth Low Energy technologies are opening a wide range of applications that promise significant and sustainable growth.

Bluetooth technology is powering rapid growth in real-time locating services. Asset tracking systems leverage antenna arrays to triangulate more accurate positioning. Indoor positioning systems overcome the coverage challenges of GPS. Affordable Bluetooth tags easily locate misplaced personal belongings.

Bluetooth Mesh technology expands the capability of device networks to help control and monitor systems such as networked lighting control and building automation. Device networks are the second fastest growing application for LE Bluetooth, after location services.

Currently, 35 percent of all connected IoT devices depend on Bluetooth. Emerging Bluetooth technologies are offering faster firmware updates, quicker bulk rate data transfer, and the ability to steam larger media files. These new low-power consumption options are taking Bluetooth solutions further than ever before.

IoT-Related Product

  • Bluetooth SoC | Silicon Labs

    EFR32BG24 is a high-performance and long-range SoC for Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth mesh applications. It provides resources for demanding applications while leaving room for future growth.
  • Bluetooth SoC | Silicon Labs

    EFR32BG22 is ideal for a broad range of Bluetooth LE applications need ultra-low-power including asset tags, beacons, portable medical, fitness, and Bluetooth mesh low power nodes.
  • Pressure Sensor | TDK Invensense

    ICP-20100 pressure sensor provides a high-accuracy, low power, barometric pressure and temperature sensor solution.
  • Biometric Sensor | Valencell

    BW1.5 is complete biometric sensor system that include all the hardware, optomechanical design, firmware and algorithms for biometrics in wearables.
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