What’s new in Bluetooth 5.4?

What's new in Bluetooth 5.4?

Bluetooth® version 5.4 is the latest specification introduced by the Bluetooth SIG. Bluetooth 5.4 offers two new enabling features, including Periodic Advertising with Response (PAwR) and Encrypted Advertising Data (EAD), that could unlock the potential of electronic shelf label (ESL) solutions for broader acceptance and rollout in the retail world.

Bluetooth 5.4's PAwR is a new Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) logical transport that provides efficient, bi-directional communication in a large-scale one-to-many (star) topology that supports up to 32,640 devices. Since ESL and Shelf Sensor devices are generally powered using batteries, retailers will greatly benefit from this PAwR feature.

Furthermore, for the connectionless scenario, under Bluetooth 5.4 EAD features, the advertising data can be encrypted in totality or in a more specific subset. This capability secures the data in the advertising packets that are shared over PAwR thus greatly minimizing unauthorized access and/or tampering.

Bluetooth 5.4 further expands the range of Bluetooth applications and standardizes specifications for more markets. EDOM provides developers with a one-stop professional consulting service and technical support. Contact us to learn how our Bluetooth portfolios could maximize the new Bluetooth 5.4 features. 

Below is our featured Bluetooth 5.4 compatible portfolio:

  • High-performance Bluetooth SoC | Silicon Labs

    EFR32BG24 is a high-performance and long-range SoC for Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth mesh applications. It provides resources for demanding applications while leaving room for future growth.(Learn More)

  • Ultra-low-power Bluetooth SoC | Silicon Labs

    EFR32BG22 is ideal for a broad range of Bluetooth LE applications need ultra-low-power including asset tags, beacons, portable medical, fitness, and Bluetooth mesh low power nodes. (Learn More)

Electronic Shelf Label Solution

EDOM Technology’s ESL solution includes integrated development modules and a wide variety of peripherals. Features industry-leading brands and advanced FAE supports, helping you develop ESL solution with ease. (Learn More)

ESL Related Products

  • Silicon Labs
    FG23 targets industrial IoT markets require battery powered end nodes with extended communication range capabilities.
  • MPS
    The MP2002 is a low-current, low-dropout linear regulator operating over a single input supply between 1.35V to 6.5V.
  • GP Batteries
    Lithium coin batteries CR1220 are energy-dense and is crafted to deliver long-lasting superior power for miniature devices.
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