Ampere® Altra® 64-BIT Multi-core Processors

Ampere Altra
Ampere® Altra® 64-BIT Multi-core Processors
Designed to meet the requirements of modern Cloud Native Computing environments, the Ampere® Altra® Family are an innovative architectural family of Cloud Native Processors designed to be:
  • High Performance and Predictable
  • Elastic and Scalable
  • Power Efficient and Sustainable

The Ampere Altra Family includes products that provide efficient computing solutions for a variety of computing needs from power and space-constrained embedded devices to edge Computing installations to the digital Enterprise and Hyperscale Data Centers.
Product Name Product Core Count System Level Cache I/O Connectivity
Ampere Altra 32 Cores | 64 Cores | 80 Cores 32 MB 48 Controllers Bifurcation to x4 and x2
Ampere Altra Max 96 Cores | 128 Cores 16 MB 32 Controllers Bifurcation to x4

Private Caches
  • L2: 1 MB per Core
  • L1: 64K Instruction and 64K Data per Core

Cloud Native Features
  • Single Threaded Cores
  • Consistent Frequency up to 3.0 GHz
  • 2x128b Vector Units, FP16, Int16, Int8
  • Advanced Power Management, Dynamic Estimation, Voltage droop detection

System Features
  • Interrupt Virtualization (GICv3)
  • IO Virtualization (SMMUv3, SRIOV)
  • Enterprise RAS: SECDED ECC protected memory throughout
  • Coherent Mesh Interconnect with distributed snoop filtering

  • 8 Channels 72-bit DDR4-3200 with ECC
  • Up to 16 DIMMs (2DPC) and 4 TB total memory

  • 128 Lanes PCIe Gen4 (optional 64 lane CCIX for multi-socket support)

Other Specifications
  • Instruction Set Compatibility: Armv8.2+, SBSA 4
  • Independent System and Power Controllers (SMpro and PMpro)
  • PCBA System Support: I2C, GPIO, QSPI and GPI Interrupt Support, System and Watchdog Timer Support
  • Operating Junction Temperature Range: 0°C to 90°C
  • Process: TSMC 7 nm FinFET
  • Socket Compatible Packages: 4926-Pin FCLGA

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