CR2025 | Coin cell batteries

Compact sizes. No compromise. Harness long-lasting power with GP’s high-performance coin and button cell batteries. The comprehensive battery range offers something for everyone and every device - you can always find the right battery for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for small but energy-demanding smart gadgets, home automation devices like car keys, motion sensors, critical health appliances, and more.
CR2025 | Coin cell batteries
GP high-performing lithium coin batteries CR2025 are energy-dense and can deliver 30% more power* for your miniature specialty devices including car keys, remote controls, smart watches, blood glucose monitors, smart home devices, IoT devices, door and window sensors. With remarkable power-preserving properties and a shelf-life of up to 10 years when properly stored in a cool and dry place, you will never be caught with flat batteries. Made to perform even under extreme conditions, it operates reliably from -20°C to +60°C. Safety comes first – these batteries are not only designed to protect your gadgets with leak-proof construction, but also to protect your loved ones with thoughtfully designed child-proof packaging. 
Where there is GP lithium battery there is power you can trust.

*vs IEC standard test of the same battery type. Result may vary by devices and usage pattern.

*GP Batteries Authorized Distributor
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