Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc., ESMT

ESMT - Flash Memory

NAND Flash & NOR Flash
ESMT - Flash Memory
Right from the beginning, ESMT’s mission has been to become a supplier of all types of memory products and technology. Our specialty DRAM products can be widely used in PC peripheral, home appliances, and consumer, communications systems, with various density and interface specifications(including SDRAM, DDR I / II / III and PSRAM, low-power Mobile DRAM, etc.); In the flash memory segment, ESMT also offers various density and interface type NOR and NAND Flash product families to satisfy customers’ need in developing variety of application system. 

Product Portfolio
Parallel NOR 8Mb 16Mb 32Mb 64Mb
SPI NOR 1Mb 2Mb 4Mb 8Mb
16Mb 32Mb 64Mb 128Mb
256Mb 512Mb  
SLC NAND 1Gb 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb
SPI NAND 1Gb 2Gb 4Gb  

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