Mach-NX FPGA | Lattice

Supports 384-bit Cryptography and MCTP-SPDM
Mach-NX FPGA | Lattice
Cyber Resilient System Control
Builds on Lattice secure control leadership by addressing evolving PFR requirements. Includes immutable Secure Enclave to enable HW RoT & 384-bit cryptography.

Dynamic End-to-End Firmware Protection 
Provides real-time firmware protection with nanosecond response time to block malicious activity on the system bus.

Rapidly Customizable 
Easily configure security features in RISC-V environment with Lattice Propel. Develop NIST SP 800-193 compliant PFR solutions in days.
  • Up to 8.4K LC of user logic, 2669 kbits of user flash memory and dual boot flash feature
  • Up to 379 programmable I/O supporting 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3 I/O voltages
  • Secure enclave supports 384-bit cryptography, including SHA, HMAC, and ECC
  • Configuration of PFR and security functions through Lattice Propel simplifies developer experience
  • Highly reliable. Low power and 3X better SER performance to comparable CMOS technologies

*Lattice Authorized Distributor
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