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MPF42791 - 2 to 16 Stacked Cells Battery Pack Fuel Gauge

2 to 16 Stacked Cells Battery Pack Fuel Gauge with Resistance Detection and Thermal Model
MPF42791 - 2 to 16 Stacked Cells Battery Pack Fuel Gauge
The MPF42791 is a drop-in solution that provides comprehensive status information on lithium-ion battery strings up to 16 series cells. The MPF42791 estimates the internal state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) for each cell, as well as the full pack. The MPF42791 also determines impedance, remaining runtime, charge time, and instantaneous available power. On-board memory enables the lifetime logging of key parameters.

The MPF42791 is simple to use and supports a variety of lithium cell chemistries and cell sizes. A few basic configurations allow for quick set-up, and advanced configuration capabilities can fine-tune the device for specific applications.

When paired with an MP279x battery monitor, the MPF42791 can achieve SOC accuracy within 2.5% across the temperature range. The MPF42791 can also be paired with other analog front-end (AFE) or battery stack monitors. The 400kHz I2C interface provides standard, robust communication. The 5-level LED drivers provide a simple, cost-effective charge level indicator for the device.

The MPF42791 is available in a TQFN-32 (4mmx4mm) package

Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with Commonly Used Battery Monitors for Up to 16 Series Cells:
    • ±2.5% State-of-Charge (SOC) Accuracy when Paired with MP279x Battery Monitors
  • Provides Critical Battery Information:
    • Pack and Cell SOC
    • Pack and Cell State-of-Health (SOH)
    • Remaining Runtime and Charge Time
    • Instantaneous Available Power
  • Supports a Wide Variety of Lithium Cells
  • Adaptive Learning Can Be Enabled to:
    • Refine Initial Charge Settings
    • Refine Initial Discharge Settings
    • Update Individual Cells’ State-of-Health (SOH) to Track Degradation
    • Update Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) to Track Degradation
  • Provides Lifetime Logging
  • Supports 5-Level LED SOC Indicator with Push-Button Trigger
  • 2.5V Minimum Supply Voltage
  • Low Current Consumption: 6μA in Disabled Mode and 135μA (Average) in Operating Mode during Rest
  • Supports Up to 400kHz I2C with CRC for Robust Communication
  • Available in a Compact TQFN-32 (4mmx4mm) Package
  • Available in Turn-Key MPS BMS Module:
    • MBM1xS-P50-B and MBM1xS-P100-B

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