TFT-LCD Driver

TFT-LCD Driver
FocalTech’s product lines of TFT LCD driver IC
• Support both LTPS & a-Si TFT panel technology. 
• Support panels from 1.5'' up to 13''.
• Support resolution solution (WVGA, qHD, WSVGA, HD/WXGA, F-HD/WUXGA, QHD/WQXGA, 2k*4k).
• Support pixel Arrangement (RGB, RGBW, RGBG…).
• Applications include the display driver IC in mobile, tablet, digital camera and consumer’s products.
• Feature Driver IC for mid/small size TFT LCD panel (Tcon-integrated Driver IC).
• Timing Controller (Tcon) & Source/Gate Driver IC.
• Power IC.
• Automotive Driver IC (Source integrated Tcon & Gate Driver IC).
• Unique technology for display optimization.
   - CleverColor technology for managing and adjusting the display colors on mobile devices.
   - CleverEdge+ is an upgrade version of CleverEdge, improves the clarity of object edges. 
   - HDR(Local Dynamic range enhancement):Enhance the details of local areas, extend the local dynamic range (especially for shadow parts).
   - SRE (Sunlight Readability Enhancement):Improve readability of displaying image under sunlight by using the local histogram analysis and the local tone curve adjustment.

Huawei P9 Lite
Qiku(青春版) Phone 5.5''
Lenovo乐柠 x3
Moto 360

More Applications
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