Xilinx - Telco Accelerator Cards

Enabling Virtualized Telco Network Services / Virtual BBU, O-DU and O-CU Acceleration in the Edge Cloud
Xilinx - Telco Accelerator Cards
Telco Acceleration

5G operators are steadily moving away from traditional proprietary wireless equipment in favor of an open, disaggregated telco server approach. Whether it’s O-RAN or vBBU, this “virtualization of 5G” carries with it the promise of telco-deployed software services at the edge such as video streaming, gaming, or automotive services.

Xilinx Telco Accelerator cards offload the latency-sensitive and throughput intensive 5G baseband functions, freeing up telco server processors for more interesting and commercialized software functions. These cards deliver the right performance, power, and ease of deployment required for the 5G virtualized edge.

High-Performance 5G Offload

Virtualizing the baseband only works if there’s enough processing horsepower in your server and accelerator to keep up with the rigorous demands of 5G.

Available Cards
  T1 Accelerator T2 Accelerator
Optimization Frounthaul & L1 L1
Form Factor FHHL HHHL
PCIe 2x Gen3x8 Gen3x16 or 2x Gen4x8
FH Ports 2x SFP28 + 1588 N/A
L1 Encode 17.7 Gbps 35 Gbps
L1 Decode 8.1 Gbps 12 Gbps

Turnkey Options for Ease-of-Deployment

Telco Accelerator reference designs remove the traditional barriers to FPGA accelerator deployment.

*AMD Authorized Distributor
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