Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

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Smart Driver Monitoring System Adds Extra Protection for Driving Safety

Driver distraction and fatigue are some of the major causes of vehicle accidents. A Driver Monitoring System (DMS) that monitors and detects a driver’s behavior, physiological state, and vehicle dynamic response and then provides real-time alerts to the driver, can improve driving safety. One such DMS system utilizes an in-vehicle lens combined with near-infrared technology that collects facial motion characteristics such as blinking, gaze direction, head motion, etc. When abnormal data is detected, warning signals and driving assistance systems can be activated. With the adoption of these effective driving aids, the accident rate from distraction and fatigue will be effectively reduced and lives will be saved. The monitoring applications can include sophisticated functions such as fatigued driving protection, driver distraction detection, improper driving alerts and even unauthorized driving prevention. The EDOM DMS solution platform is based on the SONY high-performance ISX019 CMOS image sensor equipped with the NVIDIA advanced Xavier SoC AI platform, a TOREX + ROHM efficient power management solution, a Maxim Integrated highly-integrated compact serializer, an ISSI highly flexible NOR flash, and other industry-leading semiconductor support components. EDOM's complete DMS platform aims to help designers accelerate time to market, lower development costs, increase overall functionality, and most importantly, help our customers develop products that improve driving safety. 
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DMS Block Diagram

DMS Camera Solution

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CMOS Image Sensor for Automotive - ISX019

is a System on Chip with a stacked structure consists of a high-performance image sensor and a processing engine for automotive surround and rearview camera use. [Learn More]

Jetson AGX Xavier Module

This advanced system-on-module is powered by the NVIDIA Xavier SoC and designed for cost-effective and performance-driven autonomous machine applications. [Learn More]

300mA High-Speed LDO Voltage Regulator - XC6223

 is a high-speed LDO regulator that features high accuracy, low noise, high ripple rejection, low dropout, and low power consumption. [Learn More]

PMIC for Automotive Camera - BD86852MUF-C

is a power management IC with primary buck converter (DC/DC1), secondary buck converters (DC/DC2 and DC/DC3), external linear regulator control block and the power-on reset function for CMOS sensor and image sensing power supply. [Learn More]

Serial NOR Flash (QSPI, SPI) - IS25WPO40 

offers a versatile storage solution with high flexibility and performance in a simplified pin count package. ISSI’s “Industry Standard Serial Interface” Flash is for systems that require limited space, a low pin count, and low power consumption. [Learn More]
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