Motorcycle Digital Instrument Cluster

Motorcycle Digital Instrument Cluster

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Digital Instrument Cluster Creates New Interactive Experiences

As the development of IoV (Internet of Vehicles) matures, customers' demands for diversified services have greatly increased. However, the traditional dashboard has been unable to meet these growing needs. The digital panel has become a new interface for human-vehicle interaction, providing a wide variety of innovative user experiences such as self-defining display of driving information, driving assistance systems, multi-media connection, network, navigation, etc. As a consequence of the continuing cost reductions of these advanced technologies, the smart digital dashboard that was before only used in high-end vehicles is being gradually deployed in lowe-end economy vehicles.

One such solution is based on the highly integrated Accordo2 with embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex R4 core, communication interface, and audio decoding function which can be tailored to meet the various management functions required of the vehicle entertainment system. In addition, when equipped with a Hannstar LCD panel, Thales wireless IoT module, and a Dialog Wi-Fi + BLE module, it provides an efficient and cost-effective digital dashboard solution for new generation electric motorcycles. As your solution partner,  EDOM is now offering the complete digital dashboard platform to help designers shorten research times, lower development costs, while elevating product competitiveness.

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Digital Instrument Cluster Block Diagram

Digital Instrument Cluster Solution v1


Accordo2 - STA1095

 is a family of devices that provide a cost-effective microprocessor solution for modern vehicle radio systems, with an embedded powerful Digital Sound Processing subsystem, as well as a MIPS efficient ARM Cortex-R4 processor. [Learn More]

Global MTC (LTE Cat.M/NB/2G) - EXS82-W

The innovative Cinterion platform leverages Qualcomm’s MDM9205 Modem and the mature LTE ecosystem to deliver global LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity with 2G fallback to cover scenarios where LTE-M and/or NB-IoT are not yet available. [Learn More]

PND/Car Display - HSD050GDW1-B00-P

is a 5 inch TFT LCD panel featuring 800 RGB x 480 resolution and digital TTL interface. It's prefect to use in the vehicle display application. [Learn More]
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