New Ecosystem for 5G O-RAN

New Ecosystem for 5G O-RAN

New Ecosystem for 5G O-RAN
5G O-RAN Solution offers Flexibility, Innovation and Performance
The 5G O-RAN (5G Open Radio Access Network) was defined to support the increasing demand from data streaming and many new application requirements. 5G O-RAN breaks the tightly controlled silos and high-level technical barriers of traditional wireless transmission technology. Companies can now discard the prior reliance on hardware equipment and software solutions solely from a single supplier. In addition to now having the flexibility to optimally combine solutions from different vendors in a modular fashion, the 5G O-RAN architecture can reduce the overall equipment cost, allow the best performing solutions to gain market share and enable broader  business opportunities in multiple markets for system providers.
Manufacturers adopting the 5G O-RAN will be able to select applicable communication products, such as server, switches, modems, routers, small base stations, and various types of consumer terminal access equipment, etc. Then, working with select hardware and software vendors, create a standard platform. This new model will provide manufacturers with the ability to build and customize their platform solutions to specific market opportunities. Moreover, this network architecture will enable manufacturers to differentiate and customize their solutions quickly and efficiently.

5G O-RAN ecosystem


Astera Labs Smart Retimer

Smart Retimer delivers industry-proven Smart Retimers that overcome signal integrity issues for PCI Express® (PCIe®) 4.0, PCIe 5.0, and Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) systems. Aries Smart Retimers are purpose-built 100% in the cloud and for the cloud, offering extensive fleet management capabilities and tested for robust, seamless interoperation in their Cloud-Scale Interop Lab. As the #1 choice for CPU / GPU vendors and cloud operators, Aries is the industry's most widely-deployed and field-tested PCIe / CXL Retimer portfolio. [Learn More]

Credo’s low power, high-performance DSPs

High performance DSPs enable optical interconnect for cloud-scale, hyperscale, and enterprise data center build-outs with 50G to 400G PAM4 optical modules and build-outs for 5G wireless service providers with 50G PAM4 devices. These full-featured DSPs utilize Credo's industry-leading transmitters and low power BER receivers, and are optimized for cost-efficient production. [Learn More]

Marvell OCTEON Fusion baseband processors

OCTEON Fusion baseband processors providing low latency, high system capacity and high per-user data rates – all necessary requirements for a 5G network – requires both the densification of the radio access network (RAN) and the deployment of additional network nodes. Marvell’s OCTEON Fusion DPUs are targeted for multi-sector macro cell base stations, micro cell base stations, intelligent radio heads and O-RAN-defined distributed units (DUs). [Learn More]

Silicon Labs Clock Jitter Attenuators

The Si539x (A/B/C/D) any-frequency jitter attenuating clocks generate output frequency (100 Hz to 1028 MHz) from any input frequency (8 kHz to 750 MHz), yet still deliver industry-leading jitter performance (90-fs RMS phase jitter). Our innovative architecture combines proprietary DSPLL® and MultiSynth technologies, providing infinite frequency synthesis and jitter attenuation in a highly integrated PLL solution. [Learn More]
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