Piezo Haptic Trackpad Solutions

Piezo Haptic Trackpad Solutions

Building the Perfect Trackpad Click

As Windows 11 will offer haptic trackpad configurations, OEMs spent a lot of time trying to achieve the perfect trackpad. The sensation we experience influences our subconscious to like or dislike our device. A simple click can drastically alter our impression of the product itself.

However, no study gives us the parameters of a perfect click. The ideal click feeling is highly subjective. One may prefer a more powerful click, while another will prefer a softer click. The human brain needs to detect a jolt at the level of the finger to feel a click. The force variation, waveform shapes, and mechanical integration level will affect the user experience. Besides, sound helps our brain understand that the click has taken place. The sound level needs to be aligned with the trackpad haptic effect's force.

Therefore, Boréas work closely with OEMs to tailor the trackpad module according to customer-preferred click feeling. We believe that every OEM will have its custom piezo haptic trackpad in the future to create the perfect click. (Read Full Article)

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Piezo Haptic Trackpad Block Diagram

Boreas Trackpad Solution 4

Piezo Haptic Driver

The BOS1901 is a single-chip piezo actuator driver that enables rich and highly detailed haptic effects by using internal components' mass to generate haptics while reducing the solution's size. (Learn More)

32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 MCU

STM32F446ZC features an FPU single-precision supporting data-processing instructions and data types. It also implements DSP instructions and an MPU that enhances application security. (Learn More)

Synchronous Step-Up DC/DC Converters

The XC9143/44 incorporates two driver transistors required for switching operation. The input voltage range can correspond to a wide range from a minimum of 1.3 V to a maximum of 16V. (Learn More)

Small Type Tactile Switches

The STO series is suitable for applications such as smartphones, digital cameras. etc. The tactile switch is only 2mm wide, supporting a 3.3N high load, 500,000 times life, and IPX8 waterproof rating. (Learn More)
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