AR Heads-Up Displays Demand High-Performance Light Sources

Automotive AR Heads-Up Displays
Demand High-Performance Light Sources

In modern world vehicle technology, Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays (AR HUDs) are becoming popular within mid- to high-end automotive smart-cockpit designs. These systems offer an intuitive design that eliminates the need for drivers to divert their gaze to the instrument panel and can provide a wealth of information while significantly enhancing driving safety.

An Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display (AR HUD) is a transparent digital image projected onto the windshield of a car, displaying information such as speed, fuel gauge, engine status, and more. The information is fetched from the vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs) and in-vehicle networks.

At the heart of AR HUDs lies the image generation unit (PGU), a pivotal component responsible for creating the augmented reality images projected onto the driver's field of view. As the PGU generates images, they traverse through an optical system, ultimately reflecting off an optical combiner or windshield before entering the driver's line of sight.

However, the highly variable lighting dynamics in the automotive environment poses challenges for maintaining consistent image quality. As lighting conditions shift between day and night, an effective automotive AR HUD must seamlessly ensure precise colors and high contrast ratios, and adapt flawlessly to diverse driving scenarios. Addressing these challenges relies on specialized light sources to ensure optimal projection.

ams OSRAM, a renowned leader in the field, provides a range of critical light source solutions. These offerings encompass various PGU setups, including those combining white LEDs with TFT-LCD displays, as well as setups featuring color LEDs paired with DLP or LCoS PGU solutions. Notably, all these light source options adhere to the stringent AEC-Q102 standards, underscoring their reliability and suitability for automotive applications.

In summary, the combination of advanced AR HUD technology and dependable LED light sources is reshaping the driving experience, making it safer and more immersive than ever before. As automotive technology continues to evolve, these innovations promise to redefine the way we interact with our vehicles and the road ahead.

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