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MP2797 - Battery Monitor and Protector

MP2797 - Battery Monitor and Protector
The MP2797 is a robust battery management device that provides a complete analog front-end (AFE) monitoring and protection solution. It is designed for multiple-cell series battery management systems (BMS). The device can support digital interface or SPI communication. It supports connections for 7-cell to 16-cell series battery packs, with an absolute voltage exceeding 80V on particular pins.

The MP2797 integrates two separate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The first ADC measures each channel’s differential cell voltages (up to 16 channels), die temperature, and 4-channel temperatures via external NTC thermistors. The second ADC measures the charge/discharge current via an external current-sense resistor. The dual ADC architecture enables synchronous voltage and current measurements for cell and pack impedance monitoring.

When paired with an MPF4279x fuel gauge, the MP2797 can achieve a state-of-charge (SOC) error to within 2%. The MP2797 includes high-side MOSFET (HS-FET) drivers for charge and discharge control. The discharge (DSG) MOSFET driver includes a configurable soft start (SS) that provides a controlled turn-on, eliminating the need for an external pre-charge circuit. The MOSFET drivers also incorporate over-current protection (OCP), short-circuit protection (SCP), battery under-voltage protection (UVP), battery over-voltage protection (OVP), and high-temperature/low-temperature protection. All of these protections have configurable thresholds.

Internal passive balancing MOSFETs can be used to equalize mismatched cells, supporting up to 58mA. There is also the option to drive external balancing transistors (MOSFET or BJT).
The MP2797 is available in a TQFP-48 (7mmx7mm) package.
Features & Benefits
  • Incorporates Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Architecture:
    • <±2% State-of-Charge (SOC) Error with MPF4279x Fuel Gauge
    • Cell Voltage Measurement Error <5mV
    • Current/Coulomb Counter Error <±0.5%
    • Strictly Synchronized Current/Voltage Measurement for Impedance Sensing
  • Includes High-Side N-Channel MOSFET Drivers for Charge and Discharge Control:
    • Supports MOSFET Soft-Start (SS) Discharge Control to Eliminate Pre-Charge Circuit
    • Drives Up to 100A DC with Parallel N-Channel MOSFETs
  • Hardware Configurable Protections:
    • Charge/Discharge Over-Current Protection (OCP) and Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)
    • Cell Under-Voltage Protection (UVP) and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
    • Pack UVP and OVP
    • Cell Low-Temperature/High-Temperature Protection
    • Die High-Temperature Protection
  • Passive Cell Balancing up to 58mA per Cell:
    • Can Drive External Balancing Transistors
    • Automatic or Manual Control
  • Additional Features:
    • Integrated 3.3V and 5V Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulators
    • Reduced Current Standby Mode
    • Load and Charger Plug-In Detection
    • High-Voltage and Low-Voltage General-Purpose Input/Ouput (GPIOs)
    • Dedicated Thermistor Inputs
    • Open-Wire Detection
    • Persistent Dead Battery Flag
    • Lockable Memory for Key Thresholds
  • Digital or SPI Interface with 8-Bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Random Cell Connection Tolerant
  • Available in a TQFP-48 (7mmx7mm) Package

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