AR Headset Solutions

AR Headset Solutions

The Augmented Reality headset is a head-worn apparatus that allows viewers to see images superimposed onto the real environment. The major players in the AR market have developed AR headsets that can cover the eyes which are immersive, moreover, the designer has developed a variety of AR headsets/glasses-style to enhance the user experience.  According to data from market research agency ARtillery Intelligence, the revenue forecast of AR headsets is expected to grow from US$822 million in 2019 to US$13.4 billion in 2024. The recent investment of major technology companies in the AR market indicates a coming upsurge in AR applications. In addition, the AR application scenario is expanding from higher end business applications to intermediate and lower ended solutions on the consumer side with much higher potential volumes.

Low power dissipation is crucial in battery powered wearables along with the need to balance extremely long battery lifetimes with always-on functionality - energy efficiency becomes extremely important. Size constraints demand very small packages or wafer-level chip scale footprints.
EDOM’s AR headset solution comprises components such as the Synaptics ConnectSmart Video Interface, ST MCU family, Silicon Labs Bluetooth LE family and Wi-Fi transceiver Modules, Torex energy management series, TDK InvenSense sensors and microphones and a variety of ROHM protection devices.  

EDOM offers a broad spectrum of product lines to enable our customers to customize their products to their specific market needs and create comfortable, high performance AR headset designs.
AR Headset Diagram
AR Headset diagram

Synaptics ConnectSmart Family

AudioSmart® DSPs, SoCs, & Far-Field Voice has become the most exciting interface for interacting with consumer electronics. AudioSmart SoCs enable advancements in the smart home by incorporating home-grown far-field voice and wake word technologies as well as supporting the Synaptics SyNAP™ AI framework. [Learn More]

ST ARM Cortex-M4 MCU - STM32F439II

High-performance advanced line, Arm Cortex-M4 core with DSP and FPU, 2 Mbytes of Flash memory, 180 MHz CPU, ART Accelerator, Chrom-ART Accelerator, FMC with SDRAM, TFT, HW crypto.  [Learn More]

Silicon Labs Bluetooth Low Energy - EFR32BG22

EFR32BG22 meets the unique requirements of high-volume, battery-powered Bluetooth products. Featuring an ultra-low transmit and receive power (3.6 mA TX at 0 dBm, 2.6 mA RX), and a high-performance, low-power M33 core (27 µA/MHz active, 1.2 µA sleep). [Learn More]

Silicon Labs Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules - RS9116

RS9116 is single Band (2.4) module provides a comprehensive multi-protocol wireless connectivity solution including 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), 802.11j, dual-mode Bluetooth 5. The RS9116N-SB00-B00 offers high throughput, extended range with power-optimized performance. The module is FCC, IC, and ETSI/CE certified. Silicon Labs offers drivers for high-level operating systems such as Linux. [Learn More]

Torex 300mA High Speed LDO Voltage Regulator - XC6223

The series consists of a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a driver transistor, a current limiter, a phase compensation circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit and an inrush current protection circuit. The output voltage is selectable in 0.05V increments within the range of 1.2V to 4.0V which fixed by laser trimming technologies. The overcurrent protection circuit and the thermal shutdown circuit are built-in. [Learn More]

TDK InvenSense MEMS MotionTracking Device - ICM-42688-P

ICM-42688-P is a 6-axis MEMS MotionTracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. It has a configurable host interface that supports I3CSM, I²C and SPI serial communication, features a 2 kB FIFO and 2 programmable interrupts with ultralow-power wake-on-motion support to minimize system power consumption. [Learn More]

TDK InvenSense Digital Microphone - T3903

T3903 consists of a MEMS microphone element and an impedance converter amplifier followed by a fourth-order Σ-Δ modulator. The T3903 has multiple modes of operation: High Quality, Low-Power (AlwaysOn), and Sleep. The T3903 has high SNR in all operational modes. It has 133 dB SPL AOP in High Quality Mode and 120 dB SPL AOP in Low-Power mode. [Learn More]

ROHM Transient Voltage Suppressor - VS5V0BC1ES

VS5V0BC1ES is the TVS diode which is ideal for I/F protection in electronic devices and 0201(0603)-size. Low clamping voltage and high surge resistance provide superior protection. [Learn More]
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