120W Fast Charger Solution

120W Fast Charger Solution

The ever increasing demand for more features and computing power in consumer electronic devices is driving a requirement for increased battery capacity and density to support these needs. Without innovation in charging solutions, charging times for these larger capacity batteries would increase to unacceptable levels.

To address these problems, fast chargers have become one of the most popular products in the consumer electronics market. With a fast charger, even devices with a large battery capacity can now be quickly charged in a short period of time. As an added benefit, these new devices are more highly integrated and their small size greatly improves the consumer experience.
Solution Diagram
ST 120W Power Solution

EDOM Technology provides a 120W fast charger solution that is compatible with consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.

EDOM’s solution is comprised of ST-ONE, MasterGaN from STMicroelectronics, and MOSFET from Sinopower. Integrating ACF topology, synchronous rectification, and USB PD controller, ST-ONE decreases the PCB size, noise interference, and design cost. EDOM enables our customers to accelerate the process of their small-size fast charger solutions to the market.

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