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Founded in Silicon Valley and headquartered in the Dallas, Texas metroplex, Active-Semi is a rapidly emerging leader in multi-billion-dollar power management and intelligent motor drive IC markets. The company’s portfolio of analog and mixed signal SoCs provide scalable core platforms used in charging, powering and embedded digital control systems for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Active-Semi offers Power Application Controllers® (PAC®) and Programmable Analog ICs that significantly reduce solution size and cost, improve system reliability, and shorten system development cycle-time.

Active-Semi International Inc. is a multi-national Cayman Island corporation backed by leading Venture Capital firms, including USVP, Tenaya Capital, and LDV Partners, with over 170 patents granted and pending. “Team Active” is comprised of 150 worldwide analog and mixed-signal semiconductor experts with R&D, sales and marketing facilities in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

Active-Semi's PRODUCTS

The PAC® Family of devices is an all-inclusive single IC solution for intelligent control of BLDC and PMSM motors.  The architecture integrates high-voltage gate drivers, configurable AFE (Analog Front End), power management and Arm® Cortex® 32-bit processor along with additional versatile peripherals.  It includes a firmware library of Back EMF and Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithms that can be implemented with or without Hall sensors.  The PAC® solutions range from 44 to 600 volts and from an economical Arm® Cortex® M0 to a powerful Cortex® M4F.

Active-Semi’s Field Programmable Power Management ICs (PMIC) for portable and space constraint applications like SSDs, Action CAMs, Body CAMs and Video Doorbells etc enable the greatest power density for customers’ memory & controller needs. Active-Semi’s family of PMICs provide benchmark performance and flexibility in the smallest footprint and excel by utilizing patented Programmable Analog features. Characteristics and features of the Field Programmable Analog ICs can be individually set, modified, and controlled via on-board non-volatile memory settings. The programmable voltage levels, currents, slew-rates, push-button control, and other options are field programmable via I2C, set via GPIOs, or by factory preset.

Active-Semi is also a leader in the high-power DC/DC automotive charger market, supporting a wide variety of smart-phones & tablets including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc. These high-power devices are single chip solutions for cigarette-lighter adapter (CLA) mobile chargers used by many name-brand mobile OEMs and accessory manufacturers.

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