Battery Management Solutions for Energy Storage

Battery Management Solutions for Energy Storage

In today's evolving energy landscape, securing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy sources is essential for economic growth and addressing climate change concerns. The Battery Management System (BMS) provides a critical component for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that ensures the safety and health of batteries, monitoring their state of charge and well-being, and enhancing performance through cell balancing to extend their lifespan. By enabling reliability and longevity in ESS, BMS contributes to a safer and more efficient, sustainable energy future.

At EDOM Technology, we offer a wide range of power products, design tools, and reference designs to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers, reducing design costs and expediting time to market.

MPS Advanced BMS Solution

Featuring the MP2797 and MPF4279x fuel gauge series,

offers a game-changing approach to energy storage.


By providing unparalleled accuracy in battery measurements and predictive capabilities, MPS BMS Solution maximizes energy storage efficiency, making it a crucial asset for applications ranging from households to data centers. Additionally, it simplifies the complex process of developing fuel gauge algorithms, saving designers valuable time and resources. (Read Technical Article)

BMS Related Products

  • Battery Monitor & Protector

    The MP2797 provides a complete analog front-end (AFE) monitoring and protection solution. 
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  • Battery Fuel Gauge

    The MPF42791 is a drop-in solution that provides status information on battery strings up to 16 series cells.
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  • Power Architecture MCU

    The SPC574Sx are integrated 32-bit microcontrollers. It focuses on automotive products designed to address the Chassis and Safety electronics applications within the vehicle.
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  • 1 Mbps Digital Isolators

    Si86xx are ultra-low-power digital isolators offering substantial data rate, propagation delay, power, size, reliability, and external BOM advantages over legacy isolation technologies.
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