Endoscope Solution

Endoscope Solution

A disposable miniature endoscope solution
Enables better patient outcomes

An endoscope is a medical device comprised of a flexible tube with a light and camera and is used in minimally invasive procedures. Typically inserted in body orifices or via a small incision, they aid medical practitioners to diagnosis and treat complications associated with internal organs. Miniature camera modules and low-distortion images provide detailed anatomical features for diagnosis. Previously, due to the high cost of prior implementations, endoscopes had to be sanitized and reused. However, the more recent availability of cost-optimized modules makes the development of a single-use endoscope realizable. A disposable endoscope has the inherent benefit of reducing the risk of a postoperative infection caused by cross-contamination thus improving patient outcomes. As a single-use device, there is also no cost incurred of re-sterilization.

The new total solution for endoscopes has integrated the camera module, FPGA, and protective IC to create more options for medical device manufacturers. The endoscope solution has auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance (3A) functions, all designed to improve the signal received by the sensor. Customizable output data and easy-to-adjust frame rate features provide designers with even more flexibility. Our solution can help designers increase overall functionality while accelerating time to market with lower development costs. (Contact Us)


Endoscope Solution Schematic

Endoscope schematic
NanEyeM thumbnail
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